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Catherine Karas
Energy Circle


"Catherine is the real deal..."

If you're ready to take charge and make positive changes - to throw down the gauntlet on yourself and get unstuck- Catherine is the real deal for anyone serious in this pursuit.

Grounded in an understanding of human energy field work and psychology, and coupled with a heart energy that is hers alone, Catherine is able to add tremendous insight to help navigate life's more difficult journeys.  I feel safe with, I trust her, and I bless her work on behalf of myself and the countless she has helped.

Elaine Patterson
Yoga Teacher
Massage Therapist


Catherine Karas has been my healer, teacher and mentor for the past seven years.  Her compassion and acute insight contribute to her healing work at which she is clearly very skilled.  Many of my friends have also seen her and all have reported positive experiences.

For me, her support got me through a very tough time with the greatest possible ease.  She has an inner strenghth that is wrapped in very soft cotton...her gentleness is one of her greatest gifts.

I am very grateful for her wisdom and knowledge of both the healing arts and of psychodynamics.  Her integrity is unquestionable, and, again, I am very grateful that I am able to work with her and learn from her.

She is a terrific teacher:  I cannot recommend her more highly.

Diane Elizabeth Davis, CSW
Social Worker
Former Hedge Fund Analyst


I guess it was about ten years ago when I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk in my neck.  The rupture was pinching the nerves to my left shoulder and arm.  After six months of "sports medicine" work and therapy, the arm was in great pain and the nerves were deteriorating to the point that my neurosurgeon at New York Hospital insisted on an immediate operation to remedy the cause.  I got a second opinion form the head of neurosurgery at NY Hospital who felt that I should not have surgery at that time because of the stress in my life that I was dealing with.  He actually recommended "alternative" approaches...which is why I went to Catherine.  This engineer knew little of healing and had less confidence in its effectiveness.

Our sessions were very powerful experiences for me.  They released a lot of feelings.  The pain in my arm quickly began to lessen and then disappear.  The rupture is still there, but the body apparently reabsorbed the portion of the disk that came out and the pressure on the nerve stopped.  I have had no problems since then. The arm and neck are fine...I do not baby them.  Still very active skiing, canoeing and backpacking.  

Catherine has the touch!

Bruce Hampson

Last Januray I broke my upper arm in several places and displaced my shoulder in a fall on the ice.  The X-rays were "ugly" in the words of one doctor who said I might never drive again.  To a person who lives in suburbia, that was an excruciating sentence.  Still another doctor said that I would probably get very little function back without surgery, but since one month had already gone by, it was too late to operate.  

Neither doctor understood the "magic" of healing.  Catherine Karas gave me serveral long distance healings and included me in her StarWork Energy Circle.  

In three months my shoulder had healed so well and I had such return of function that even the most skeptical of doctors remarked, "We seldom get results this good, even with surgery, especially in older women."

I shall be eternally grateful to Catherine.

Devera Black, CSW


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