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Mission and Values
Catherine Karas
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Mission and Values

We are all here to serve the Higher Good

StarWork is a community of energy practitioners in the process of awakening who join together to enhance The All That Is.  Practices are being developed which increase consciousness, personal growth and healing.

We seek to increase a sense of unity and oneness everywhere and to practice intentional compassion.

We support the group members and the community-at-large through meditation and prayer.

We believe that what manifests on Earth existed previously as energy prior to being fixed in form and we are open to the belief that consiousness can exist independent of physical form.

We value peace, acceptance and tolerance.

We are open to a Higher Power by which we are led so as to  grow and learn.

We surround ourselves in the beauty which emerges from discovering the deep peace, joy and serenity within.

We are inviting energy workers who are committed to being intentionally compassionate, self-responsible, vital and highly sensitive and hold service as a high priority to  join us in our mission.

If you are Light Energy worker and would like to learn more about joining StarWork,

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StarWork Community - Transformation Through Love
StarWork Community - Transformation Through Love


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